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Jantex Paddles just in from Europe!

Since we can't keep paddles in stock, we decided to look for something somewhere else while we wait for our container to ship..We found Jantex. Used by Lewis Laughlin at Molokai, this beautifully made, light, stiff mid wing is something special. Photos and details to come..but check out the Jantex web site. http://www.jantex.sk We have stock of the Gamma medium with clamp shaft 205-210 adjustable, standard stiff shaft. Retail from Ocean Paddlesports for $450.
Most recent comments

yes sir, it was only a matter of time.

Posted by DeAnne Hemmens  on  07/09   at  03:23 PM

This is an awesome paddle.
Very clean entries and great catch.
I sold my Epic, never going back.

Posted by Noah  on  07/09   at  01:34 PM

Congratulations to Hank McGregor

World Cup South Africa, Hank comes first with Clint and Dawid 2nd and 3rd...Fenn Mako Elites...woohoo. 6 out of the Top 10 on Fenns..again and again and again. Congrats to Alexa too for winning the womens division on a Fenn. Huge downwind, flat or in between, Fenn is the winners ski.

Beautiful Day to try 16 skis

OPS News item image Thanks to everyone who came out and tried surfskis. Try before you buy....where else can you try 16 different makes/models?...a ski for everyone.
Most recent comments

Yes, Fenn and Think stood out. The XT and the Evo for beginners and the Elite and Mako 6, and the Legend for the more experienced.

Posted by DeAnne Hemmens  on  07/07   at  08:57 PM

So was there an overwhelming favourite amoungst the punters?

Posted by Ian  on  07/01   at  09:49 AM

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