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Patrick wins Wavechaser Race Day 1 on the Synergy

San Fransicso was cold, rainy and breezy so a great day to test the new Synergy. Overall impressions from Patrick were that it was so stable in the messy water, and obviously fast enough to win the race. Second place went to Chris Stout on his new Mako Elite..followed by local favorites Carter Johnson and Dave Jenson. Day 2 is cancelled due to the extreme weather forcast.
Most recent comments

Congratulations to Pat and a shout out to Missouri's new adopted son, Carter, for the effort.

Carter, when you gonna talk Pat and DeAnne into coming out to our little shin dig, the MR340? We need a great mixed tandem team to…

Posted by Dan Grubbs  on  03/01   at  05:58 PM

Noah Hawk and Pat Hemmens

Hal Rosoff Classic, Newport Beach, California
Noah Hawk and Pat race in the long course. congrats to Pat the overall winner OPS News item image
Most recent comments

Patrick told me to tell you that you should never, never pull the entire race.
Good job to you too!

Posted by DeAnne  on  02/09   at  09:40 PM

Yes !
Never, ever, ever write-off Patrick.
He made a GIANT comeback and stole the race !
Good job !

Posted by Noah  on  02/09   at  02:14 PM

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