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Molokai Wrap up

After a week or so of reflection on the trip and the race, all that comes to mind is what a great race this is. Even though for the 3rd run in a row, the wind decided not to blow, the channel stills attracts the best in the world to give it a go. I want to say congratulations to Hank Mcgregor and Katie Popcock...what incredible performances. Fun to see Katie win it. I also want to mention that although I saw mostly the parking lot and the trailer while loading up skis, how lucky we are to have so many kind paddlers helping us out. Without our friends in Hawaii, it would be impossible to have the Fenn skis available there for the Aussies, Canadians, Tahitians and mainland paddlers. We are not a huge company, rather just me and Patrick. So thanks to everyone who lended a helping hand.
Until next year, aloha!! OPS News item image Pat finishing in 20th place, well done!
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Congratulations to Patrick for a great finish and kudos to DeAnne for her ground work. You both are great ambassadors for paddlesports.

Hope the ad in the magazine raised some awareness for you. Let me know if you want to do something…

Posted by Dan Grubbs  on  06/04   at  08:37 PM

Yes !
Well done, Pat.
You surged through the last half of the race and killed
all of us that took off too hard and too early.
This race is a 3-hour warm up and a 1-hour race.
Well played.…

Posted by noahmaui  on  06/02   at  07:06 PM

Mainland paddlers in Hawaii

The California training group of Cliff Meidl,Pat Hemmens, Barry Borm and Noah Hawk prepare for the Molokai Channel crossing on Sunday.
OPS News item image
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Wow !
I'm really short.

Posted by noahmaui  on  05/19   at  10:08 PM

You guys are all awesome! Good job racing on Sunday!!!

Posted by Eva  on  05/19   at  07:02 PM

Barry !
You look lean and MEAN !

Posted by noahmaui  on  05/19   at  06:38 PM

Molokai World Champs

OPS News item image Fenn paddlers decend on Oahu. Good luck to all racers on Sunday. Fenn Elite, Mako 6 and Xt along with Custom Kayaks Synergy available this week to demo and for purchase right after the race. $3000 Elite, XT and Synergy Lite, $2500 Mako 6....All skis carbon vacum. Email me for Patrick's contact info if you are interested, otherwise we load them up and bring them back for the mainland paddlers to snag a good deal. Pat has 1 new Jantex paddle on Oahu too..try his, buy yours.
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Good luck to Patrick and all those escaping the surf and out into Kaiwi Channel. Praying for downwind runs and safety near the wall.

Posted by Dan Grubbs  on  05/12   at  11:16 AM

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