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USA Surfski Championships…SKIS for Sale after

We have rented over 30 surfskis for the USA Champs on August 22-23. For sale after the races on Sunday are the following skis...
Carbon vacum and Fiberglass Mako 6s
Carbon vacum and Fiberglass Mako Elites
Carbon Vacum and fiberglass Mako Xts
Synergy Lite
Carbon vacum and Fiberglass Mako Elite Doubles
Fiberglass and Carbon Vacum Mako Millennium Double
Most of these are either brand new or used once at Molokai. Email us for prices and details on the specific ski you are looking for...
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Used surf skis after us championship

Posted by Rod moulton  on  08/31   at  08:03 PM

Hi Don:
I have Mako Xts in carbon vacum at $2800 and $3000. These were used in Molokai and will be used in SF as well, but in very good condition. Come check them out at our demo day.

Posted by DeAnne  on  08/03   at  01:15 PM

Would be curious about availability on Mako XT Carbon. I own a glass XT that has seen a lot of good service and may be looking to upgrade.



Posted by Don Woodall  on  08/02   at  09:07 AM

Saturday, July 18….Patrick wins Blackburn Challenge

Fenn Elite and Jantex paddle.....good job Pat!
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His rudder was about a 4". We have a local guy here that is making specialty rudders for all skis. Tell him the conditions you want one for and he will custom shape it for you. Only hassle is getting the right shaft....

Posted by DeAnne  on  07/20   at  03:17 PM

Curious about the size of the rudder. I had a 4" rudder I was going to use but opted not to. Thinkin I should have since I had to stop several times to clear the sea weed. How did the small rudder handle out there?…

Posted by Craig  on  07/19   at  06:53 PM

Way to go Pat! Don't forget to mention the teeny rudder! Don't need no flip-down rudder...
: )

Posted by Eva  on  07/18   at  05:00 PM


Austrailians are coming in some serious numbers this year to USA Champs. Check it out....
Dean Gardnier, Jerremy Cotter, Caine Eckstien, Murrey Stewart, Reece Baker, Michael Locke, Ian Timbrell, Gary David, Adam Mckane, Gordon Burns and 3 gals..right on..Naomi Flood, Jo Brigden Jones and Bernadette Wallace.OPS News item imageOPS News item image (photo of Dean, Molokai 2008)
Most of these paddlers are famous on the beaches in Austrailia. In a few weeks time, we all will get to see why.

Swedish Surfski Champs

Congratulations to Eva Mauck and Noah Hawk finishing first and second in their divisions. All that flat water training paid off. You guys rock!OPS News item imageOPS News item image
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Eva, Noah, great job!! Lets have a get together when you get back before heading out to that torturous lifestyle in Hawaii! Regards, Barry

Posted by barry borm  on  07/09   at  08:07 PM

Thanks Dee !!
Ditto, what Eva said.
I got off course a bit too.
And the conditions were less than ideal smile
We should have found proper skis !!
I miss training with you…

Posted by Noah Hawk  on  07/07   at  09:17 PM

Hi De!
Thanks! It was a fun race even with the sideswell and not really knowing the course...the finish line was a bit hard to find. : )
I have to say I really missed my ski ~ as did my back! I…

Posted by Eva  on  07/06   at  02:58 AM

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