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Dawid Mocke and DeAnne Hemmens win Chicago Shoreline Marathon

OPS News item image Wind changed the course to a 14km downwind followed by at 14km back to the start. This was a really fun course and even knowing you had a long grind back, the downwind section was a blast. Dawid killed the competition(sorry Barry, and Pat) by a few minutes, and I had no competition as I was the only women. But I tried to race hard and had some fun with an old Olympic Team Mate of mine Mike Herbert. I am so glad we got to paddle together..it made the day. He couldn't wait for the headwind part as I dreaded it..so I sat steady on his tail for about 12 of the 14 km back. He ditched me at the last check point when I stayed on the beach to get some dirt and rocks out of my seat. I never could catch back up and he pulled in front by more than a minute to the finish.
Great day of racing and meeting new people.
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Big thanks to Pat and De for getting their trailer all the way across to Chicago. What a mission but they pulled it off, you legends! Barry

Posted by Barry Lewin  on  09/10   at  02:23 AM

Awesome job Pat and De! Yeah, the Newport group ruled!
: ) Eva

Posted by Eva  on  09/03   at  10:21 AM


For an old lady you can still kick some butt

Love Ya

Your Bro

Posted by Ron Davidson  on  09/02   at  01:49 PM

USA Surfski Champs

<OPS News item image
Jerremy Cotter and Naomi Flood celebrate their fantastic win on Saturday at the USA Surfski Champs. Congratulations to Team Fenn for 7 out of the top 10 men and top 5 women. Also a congratulations to everyone who completed this very challenging and techincal race. What a weekend!! .Full write up and more pictures to come soon.
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Thanks, guys for everything

Posted by Helen  on  09/25   at  07:16 PM

Skis on the way to San Francisco

Ocean Paddlesports is heading North. Please stop by and say hello and meet Dawid Mocke, Barry Lewin and Dean Gardiner. Barry and Dean's clinics are full but Dawid will be with Patrick at our demo day to answer any questions you might have. Try out the best skis in the world and get your gear. Even though the demo day says 12-4 on the champs web site, Patrick will be there from 9am.OPS News item image

Rough Water Clinics at Surfski champs

There are still a few spots open in 2 seperate rough water clinics to be held on Friday, August 21 from 12-2pm in San Francisco.
Don't miss the chance to learn from two of the best paddlers in the world.
OPS News item imageOPS News item image Barry Lewin and Dean Gardiner are each teaching a 2 hour rough water skills class. Barry runs the surfski school in Durban, South Africa and Dean has won 9 Molokai World Championships. Email Ocean Paddlesports if you want a spot. $50
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Clinics are full, sorry.

Posted by DeAnne  on  08/20   at  08:38 AM

Red 7 finally arrives

Come to one of our demo days and check out the nice quality from the new owners of Red 7.OPS News item image This ski is going to be popular now that they can build them.

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