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First surfski in the USA ??

OPS News item image Merv Larson bought this ski in late 1964. The story is as follows...

read more here...
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Love this sh....t remember seeing guys on these when I was a kid, how far has the sport come. Articles like this are gold because if those south african types read it they realise that they are followers.

Posted by dean morgan  on  10/13   at  06:51 AM

Merv was also the first to build surf skis in the US. When I met Merv in 1974 glass Hayden spec skis were available in the US. Merv found me a used one first and theyn he got a mold (or made one, I can't…

Posted by Tony L.  on  09/29   at  05:54 PM

Phatwater…Mississippi Oct 10

Next race for us is the 42 mile down river..thats the mighty Mississipi river called Phatwater. Pat and I are racing in a mako Elite Double to try and break Steve Woods record from last year. The river will have to cooperate..his time is something like 3 hours 54 mintues. That's flying for 42 miles!!OPS News item image Heres team Hemmens in the Phatwater attire from last year. See how keen we are!
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Here's an early news story about the race.


Have a safe trip back home. I can't wait to see your write up of the race.

Congratulations again!


Posted by Dan Grubbs  on  10/11   at  07:03 AM

Fantastic, congratulations Patrick and DeAnne on a great paddle and a new record.

Posted by Bob & Yvonne  on  10/11   at  12:26 AM

Congratulations to Pat and DeAnne for their win in the Phatwater Challenge with an unconfirmed time of 3:41:52. Great job!

Posted by Dan Grubbs  on  10/10   at  09:05 PM

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