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Phatwater…. a challenge

This is an outstanding race. Different than anything we have ever done, but full of the same enthusiasum for the sport and the Southern Hospitality you always hear about. Pat and I had superb time in Natchez, Mississippi. We went to try and break the record..with the river and weather cooperating, we managed to do so by just under 13 minutes...OPS News item image
This shows the last 8-10 miles of the river where it finishes below Natchez. OPS News item image
The two extremes on the Mississippi. Above Tom McNeese(?) having a smoke. Below, Winner Ed Joy...someone send him a Mocke PFD.
OPS News item image read more here...
Most recent comments

Yeah !
You guys smashed the record.
Race sounds like fun, and what a wonderful landscape !
Great job smile

Posted by Noah Hawk  on  10/13   at  09:40 PM

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