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Dubai day one and two

Two-thirds of team USA arrived at 8pm Dubai time..8am California time. Philippe has been there a few days. Flight was full and long. More info later from the Holiday Inn..Internet City, Dubai. Water 80 degrees, air 80 degrees, Fenn Elites ready for Pat, Philippe and Noah.OPS News item imageOPS News item image Ok, heres another fun game if you are reading this. Predict who will come first, next and third out of Team USA......First 5 correct answers and I will send you a calf strap. Noah from Maui..Philippe from Balboa and Pat from Newport..hint..Philippe is the fastest( by a lot) in the Flat...Patrick is fitter than Noah, but Noah trains downwinds everyday.
Dark Horse is Joe Glickman also paddling for Team USA...he trains hard...lives in New York.
Just send me an email before the race starts.
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OK, I'll give this a go, and I'll go with one entry for any conditions

! Noah, 2 Phillipe 3 Pat

And I could use a Jantex paddle instead of a calf strap. smilePosted by Brian Kummer  on  12/02   at  01:57 AM

Ok D here goes...
With high winds: Oom Pat 1st, EZ Life Noah 2nd and Philippe the Animal 3rd.

With low winds: Philippe 1st, Pat 2nd and Noah 3rd

Also I dont need a calf strap, I need…

Posted by Rich Sprout  on  12/01   at  09:51 PM

Boys leave for Dubai and South Africa

Pat, Noah and Reece (team mascot) leaving for Dubai and South Africa. Philippe is already there. Check back here for updates to the races.OPS News item image
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Good Luck boys! I know you will do well and make us all proud to be americans. Who better to represent us but a Saffa, a frenchie and a hawaiian?? Maybe a token swedish girl...De, we're going next year!
: )

Posted by eva mauck  on  12/01   at  10:32 AM

Team USA is looking good. I wonder if the Aussies and South Africans realize they are up against the secret weapon Reece. Good luck guys, we are well represented.

Brian Kummer

Posted by Brian Kummer  on  11/30   at  01:12 PM

Team USA for Dubai and Southern Shamaal

Pat Hemmens, Noah Hawk and Philippe Bocarra will represent the USA in Dubai and then in the team relay event at the Southern Shamaal. Pat's surf ability..especially out and in the huge waves, Noah's downwind skills and Phillipe's flat water grinding makes for a very strong team.OPS News item image OPS News item imageOPS News item image
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Go Team USA !!
I am honored to be racing with Pat & Philippe in the Shamaal Races.
They are fierce competitors and I hope to keep pace with them !!

Posted by Noah Hawk  on  11/09   at  03:43 PM

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