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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

OPS News item image All the best to everyone from our family at Ocean Paddlesports. We are truely blessed and thankful. Here's to an exciting 2010.
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Happy New Year! Hope 2010 will be a great and prosperous year for you guys! Thanks for all your help on and off the water. : )

Posted by Eva  on  01/01   at  01:45 PM

Hemmens family, Merry Christmas to a wonderful family! Patrick, your new years resolution is to get me working out even if it is cold! Sincerely, Barry and Family

Posted by Barry Borm  on  12/24   at  03:20 PM

Price increase January 2010

Just a note to let you know that some of our prices will be going up with the new shipment in 2010....Paddles and some accessories. We are trying to hold the skis at last years prices. So while I have inventory of 2009 stock, now is a good time to buy. Also keep your eye on our web site as we have some new products coming in.......A demo day will be scheduled in January.

Team USA finishes Southern Shamaal in 9th Place

OPS News item image Patrick and Philippe negociate the shore break on Day 1 of the Southern Shamaal. They were stoked to make in out and back in with out falling out. The paddlers battled 80mph gusts of wind on Day 1. Next year team USA will be chosen based on the top finishers at USA Surfski Champs. Start training now as this race is a trip of a lifetime. USA Surfski Champs are August 21-22.
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way to go Pat, Phillipe and Noah...!

you guys appeared to get strong as the race went on:

and they say yanks can't get off the beach; you know you're a local when you make it out without getting…

Posted by glick  on  12/10   at  08:00 AM

Wow! What a picture! Congrats to Team USA for an outstanding race! Awesome job!!!
Can't wait to hear more about it.
: ) Eva

Posted by Eva  on  12/09   at  10:17 PM

Update from Southern Shamaal

The word from the Bush is that team USA is sitting in 10th position..almost 1 hour behind South Africa's A team. Now although this is quite a gap, the feeling from the team is that they are doing pretty good. According to my source, they have had a successful race, with no major surf wipe outs or damaged equipment. Noah has raced the singles legs while Pat and Philippe have gone double both days. Day three (today, Dec 6th) was cancelled due to the mist on the sea. Patrick said it was so thick you could not see the back line off the beach....so the final day, day 4 tomorrow will end the adventure.

Team Hemmens wins race in Double

While Pat is part of Team USA in Africa..the other Team, team mom and son raced in Oceanside and won the short course in Double.
Most fun I have had in a surfski race in 5 years. Thanks to everyone for your support. Hayden is hooked!OPS News item image
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Hi Mark:
I often still use a Fenn 3. I love the Jantex Gamma small as well..gotta mix em up. Pat uses the Jantex Gamma medium.
Hayden likes the Fenn 5.

Posted by DeAnne  on  12/09   at  10:39 AM

I noticed in the finish picture DeAnne had a FENN paddle. I thought Jantex was the paddle of choice. Good going to Pat, Noah and the team in SA

Posted by Mark Buck  on  12/08   at  10:48 PM

Howdy neighbors!
Checking out the site and the WINNERS of the latest race in Oceanside! Go DeAnne and Hayden!!

Posted by Christy  on  12/07   at  12:38 PM

Oceanside Race Saturday, December 5th

Ocean Paddlesports will be at the Oceanside race this Saturday. Stop by the truck and get some holiday items. Windbreakers..calf straps...paddles...mocke paddle bag...lincke gear. Everything except Mocke PFDs which are enroute to be here at the end of the month.

Long Travel Day

Tough day for the boys as their flight was delated almost 10 hours from Dubai to SA. Tomorrow they arrive in PE for the race briefing.
Go Team USA.

Dubai Race day

Congratulations to Tim Jacobs Winner of the Dubai Shamaal by 5 seconds over Dawid Mocke.
And yea to Philippe 28th, Patrick 32nd , Joe Glickman 54th and Noah 55th. Right on guys, too short of a race for you old guys and not enough wind for Noah and Pat.
Now its off to South Africa for Southern Shamaal.

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