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We’ve been having some great weather…for paddling in the rough!

http://www.cbs2.com/video/?id=125373@kcbs.dayport.com Pat catching the small waves inside Newport Harbor. He didn't get a fine, and the winds didn't blow 106mph, but yes, a 6 man canoe and an OC-1 did wipe out, desinigrate and sink.
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The act of surfing is not alowed in the harbor. You can paddle a board around as much as you want, STANDING on it while on a wave is against the law.

For all you nit pickers out there... a surfboard is…

Posted by Rich  on  01/26   at  12:25 AM

Hi Bob:
I don't think you can get a fine on a ski. Its meant for surfers on surfboards, I think.

Posted by DeAnne  on  01/25   at  01:16 PM

According to the OC Register today, the Harbor Patrol sent out two Fire rescue boats to a capsized OC-6 just outside the harbor entrance. They started to pull the boat in, but their tow rope broke, so they had the 6 guys from…

Posted by Bob Knight  on  01/24   at  12:38 PM

Shipment almost here

If you are waiting for the shipment of Mocke PFDs, the shopping cart is open and can take orders. Be sure to tell me what size...1,2,3 or 4 and what color, Orange or Black in the comment section of Paypal when you order. We won't be able to ship until next week.
Paddles will be fully stocked and Fenn skis too. Demo day to be announced as we willl have the new Horizon ski from Custom Kayaks.

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