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Summer Racing Surfski Rentals

New York Mayors Cup $400
USA Champs San Francisco $100
Chicago Shoreline Marathon $300
Please contact Ocean Paddlesports if you need a Fenn Mako Elite, Fenn Mako 6, Fenn Mako Xt or other single ski reserved for one of these races. Extremely limited number..some Doubles available as well. Add $50 to the above price for a double.

Final race of the season..no race at all

OPS News item image
Skis and outriggers lined the beach in Malibu while the fog rolled in....a little while later, the race was cancelled due to no visability and we were left with a long, boring slog back to Marina del Rey..... read more here...

Orka Flex Paddles arrive

A new arrival via airmail from Orka Paddles..the Flex and Super Flex.... a similar shape , different throat, to the Jantex Gamma Small and Medium.
$295...they look gorgeous.
OPS News item image

Great day of racing in Dana Point

OPS News item image
Short course racers line up at the start. The race went about 5 km into the wind and then straight back. So fun! read more here...

Next shipment to contain the Atom and the Green Red 7

Our next order from South Africa will have some great new skis. First the Atom ski from Carbonology. This lower volume (built for under 170 pound paddler) is in demand with more women taking up ski paddling. See related article on http://www.surfski.info
OPS News item image The Green Red 7 made with cork material is also very interesting and we have to have some. Related article on surfski info as well.
Pictures of the Atom coming shortly.

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