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Jantex Professional Paddles arrive!

Now in stock, the Gamma Small stiff and/or soft shaft, 207 -212 with Ultra light blade.
Gamma Medium stiff and/or soft shaft with Ultra light blade. 210-215
The universal Jantex kayak paddle cover in Royal Blue.
Go to the paddle page to order.
Also, Jantex has suppllied one Gamma Medium with cover for the USA Surfski Champs competitor only raffle.

Congratulations to all paddlers for an outstanding weekend of racing.

Dawid and Nikki Mocke, winners of the World Cup South Africa. Matt Bowman second, Jasper Mocke third. Fenn Skis top 5 out of 6 places, and first women. A new record for a surfski race with over 300 paddlers!
Clint Robinson and Lauren Bartlett, winners of the Molokai Challenge..and Lauren in record time. So AWESOME!. Dean Gardner and Jerremy Cotter
2nd and 3rd. Fenn skis 3 out of top 5. Looks like the ocean came out to play on both sides of the world.
Well done to everyone, race directors included Billy Harker and Geoff Graf.

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