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Gold In Egypt

OPS News item image First Place 110 age group Ski relay at Rescue 2010
Jerry Merayo,Scott Shoemaker, Casey Graham
California Team, right on!

No records at Phatwater

Patrick and DeAnne Hemmens defended the Phatwater race title from last year, but not in record time for 2010. The win was just under 4 hours at 3:54. The river didn't come out to play as the fast water was hard to find. Also a slight headwind for about 1 hour really made for a tough grind. But the festivities and flavor of Natchez, Mississippi is really what make this a great event.
Congratulations to first year ski paddler, Sean Lupton-Smith from Newport Beach, CA to win the mens' single ski race in 4:01. He held off race veterens Joe Glickman 2nd and Eric Borgness 3rd. The best part of the day came when 13 year old KK McCarley (youngest paddler on the day and to finish this race with Dad) won the dontated Mako XT surfski.
OPS News item image
Here are a few details from her dad Tim on the prize. "Everyone wanted to win the surfski, but when they called KK's name and they saw how young she was and most knew how well she had done in the race, everyone was hugging her and talking to her. She was so excited that if we had let her sleep with it, she would have. She is in love with it."
That pretty much says it all about the Phatwater race, awesome day!
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Well done on defending the title. I know you were not looking forward to another long race after Chicago...

Incredible result from Sean.


Posted by Andy  on  10/11   at  06:39 AM

Threasher Shark in Newport Bay

OPS News item image
Don't see this too often. Ken, thanks for sharing.
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Way Cool!!!

Posted by Dave  on  10/08   at  08:31 PM

It'd look a lot better on a plate with some butter and lemon!

Posted by Ken Austad  on  10/08   at  07:34 PM

I was ocean swimming in Del Mar last weekend and when i got out, a nice size Thresher was cruising just past the surf line. He was whipping his tail after some prey.

Posted by Bill Fletcher  on  10/08   at  06:46 PM

Ocean Paddlesports on Facebook

After much consideration, Ocean Paddlesports has joined Facebook. I guess if you can't beat em, join em. But I am not telling the kids.
So if I understand it right, search us and like us...and recommend to your friends. We will post tibets there and important updates too like demo days and container arrivals.

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