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Some Fenn performances of note…

OPS News item image
Dawid Mocke of course...the winner and awesome ambassador for the sport!
OPS News item image
Robert Barry from Australila, over 50 and 6th place overall on the Elite SL !

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DJ from Bellingham..21st on the Fenn Swordfish after helping us all day at the demo...

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And seriously....Austin Kieffer, the future of the sport at 22, finishing his 2nd surfski race ever in 20th place on the Fenn Mako XT!

And finally, Fenn skis 9 out of the top 15.....

US Surfski Champs 2011

Winners Dawid Mocke and Michele Eray of South Africa hold the trophy high at the 2011 Surfski Champs. OPS News item image

First USA paddlers Greg Barton and DeAnne Hemmens

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Many thanks to the organizers and volunteers that make this race a great and growing success.
For a personal take on the race and a recap of outstanding finishers, check back to DeAnne's blog for more pictures and a short story.

Swordfish rocks in San Francisco Bay

OPS News item image
Photo by Mike Martinez http://www.wavechaser.com

DeAnne Hemmens of Ocean Paddlesports paddled to a first place finish on the Fenn Swordfish Sunday during the pre-race to USA Champs. Also, DJ from Bellingham gave it go and ended up 5th overall. Check out the blog for DeAnne's personal comments on its perfomance.

DJ's race write up can be found here..

Trailer of skis on the way to USA Surfski Champs

OPS News item image Ocean Paddlesports will be there all week for Swordfish, SL, and new XT demos...all paddles, Ocean Paddler PFDs, accessories and paddling gear too.
We brought a few new skis for sale and all rented skis are available for purchase after the races on the 13 and 14th.

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