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Wet Sac ***NEW PRODUCT***

OPS News item image We discovered this awesome waterproof....paddling bag when we were in South Africa. All the kids at the lifesaving club were using these to stand on, strip off their wet suits and bathing suits and sandy stuff..cinching it up and throwing it in the car with moms...Having 3 kids of my own, on the beach, wet and sandy, at swim meets with 15 wet towels...and Patrick and I paddling with wet shorts and lycra tops and pfds...PERFECT solution. It opens up and you stand on it, strip off the stuff, grab and cinch the bag and off you go.
Anyone who paddles and has wet clothes will love this bag. Any parent with kids in sports...football,soccer, swimming, water polo,surfing, junior lifeguards..a must have!


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Great video! It's on my list of things to do.

Posted by Eva Mauck  on  01/05   at  07:18 PM

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