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Training with the Pros

Here is a terrific article written by Chris Laughlin(reprinted with permission)
Expert training advice from the best paddlers in the world, Dawid Mocke,Sean Rice and Michele Eray.

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New Skis from Fenn here by years end!!!

The new Elite SPARK, Elite GLIDE and Blue-Fin.
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Check out some photos and comments from Dawid Mocke at http://www.thepaddlingcentre.com We don't have our own pictures yet and or personal reviews as we have not tried the skis.
Here are the specs of the new skis and the target market...

BLUE-FIN...this ski will get any new paddler on the water and into the open ocean, with the SURSKI feeling. Not replacing the best selling Mako XT, but a little added stability to get everyone going..!
20.9" wide, 19'3" long
Will be available in the New Hybrid layup as well as fiberglass and carbon vacum.

Elite SPARK...this is a ski designed for paddlers 80kg or less, 6' and under..finally a ski for us!! Top end ski, not intermediate.
16'.7" wide, 21'1" length...(most important spec is the lower volume deck at about 2.5" less than the regular elite)
Also available in the Hybrid layup and carbon vacum. (no fiberglass vacum)
Deposit recommended as this ski is already selling.

Elite GLIDE...this is another top end ski designed not to replace the winning Elite and SL, but to compliment them with a faster in the flats target market. Seems though its also a downwind diamond!!
16'7" wide, 21'1"length.
Hybrid and carbon vacum layups...

Additionally, Fenn's research and development team has found the perfect new gel coat that replaces what's been standard for a stiffer and lighter layup. Hybrid will be the weights of the old carbon layup and the carbon vacum skis with be about 4 lbs ligher than before..without compromising strength, durability and stiffness. FENNs keep getting better and better if that's possible.

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