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New Skis Here and Unloaded

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Oh, awesome, these boats are going to be hot!

Posted by DJ  on  02/01   at  09:36 AM

If only my driveway looked like that.. If you need a test driver/paddler on Maui, I'm available


Posted by Thomas  on  01/31   at  11:44 PM

Austin Kieffer

OPS News item image Please welcome Austin to the Fenn family of paddling. He just relocated to San Diego and as soon as the new skis arrive, he will be ready to demo down South. Additionally, Austin is the future of the sport and will be an awesome ambassador for ski paddlilng. Call him up, get a lesson,or just let his enthusiasm rub off on you!!!
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Sign me up! I need to fly in for some warm weather and waves!

Posted by DJ  on  01/23   at  12:10 PM

Newport Beach Double Downwind

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Fun run, Dee & Pat, very cool!

It would be neat to have a gps showing speed mounted in front of the camera.

Posted by Larry  on  01/19   at  09:49 PM

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