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Boys leave for Dubai and South Africa

Pat, Noah and Reece (team mascot) leaving for Dubai and South Africa. Philippe is already there. Check back here for updates to the races.OPS News item image
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Good Luck boys! I know you will do well and make us all proud to be americans. Who better to represent us but a Saffa, a frenchie and a hawaiian?? Maybe a token swedish girl...De, we're going next year!
: )

Posted by eva mauck  on  12/01   at  10:32 AM

Team USA is looking good. I wonder if the Aussies and South Africans realize they are up against the secret weapon Reece. Good luck guys, we are well represented.

Brian Kummer

Posted by Brian Kummer  on  11/30   at  01:12 PM

Skis on the way to San Francisco

Ocean Paddlesports is heading North. Please stop by and say hello and meet Dawid Mocke, Barry Lewin and Dean Gardiner. Barry and Dean's clinics are full but Dawid will be with Patrick at our demo day to answer any questions you might have. Try out the best skis in the world and get your gear. Even though the demo day says 12-4 on the champs web site, Patrick will be there from 9am.OPS News item image

Molokai World Champs

OPS News item image Fenn paddlers decend on Oahu. Good luck to all racers on Sunday. Fenn Elite, Mako 6 and Xt along with Custom Kayaks Synergy available this week to demo and for purchase right after the race. $3000 Elite, XT and Synergy Lite, $2500 Mako 6....All skis carbon vacum. Email me for Patrick's contact info if you are interested, otherwise we load them up and bring them back for the mainland paddlers to snag a good deal. Pat has 1 new Jantex paddle on Oahu too..try his, buy yours.
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Good luck to Patrick and all those escaping the surf and out into Kaiwi Channel. Praying for downwind runs and safety near the wall.

Posted by Dan Grubbs  on  05/12   at  11:16 AM

Patrick wins Wavechaser Race Day 1 on the Synergy

San Fransicso was cold, rainy and breezy so a great day to test the new Synergy. Overall impressions from Patrick were that it was so stable in the messy water, and obviously fast enough to win the race. Second place went to Chris Stout on his new Mako Elite..followed by local favorites Carter Johnson and Dave Jenson. Day 2 is cancelled due to the extreme weather forcast.
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Congratulations to Pat and a shout out to Missouri's new adopted son, Carter, for the effort.

Carter, when you gonna talk Pat and DeAnne into coming out to our little shin dig, the MR340? We need a great mixed tandem team to…

Posted by Dan Grubbs  on  03/01   at  05:58 PM

Molokai Surfski Race Rentals

With the amount of inquiries I am getting, it's not too soon to take reservations for skis in Hawaii for the Molokai. With Fenn skis dominating the world cup circut last year and so far this fall, we have to make plans now to have skis available. Looks like we will have about 10 Fenn Elites and 15 Mako 6s, and a few Mako XTs, all carbon vacum. Rental will stay the same as last year.... $500 for 7-10 days prior to and including the race. We hate to charge so much, but Ocean Paddlesports has to ship a full trailer there and back so rentals just cover that exspense. Contact DeAnne to make a reservation.
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Thanks Pat & DeAnne !!
Bringing skis to Hawaii for the Molokai is a GIANT task and a great deal of work.
I really appreciate your commitment to this very special race.
I know that you were unable to race last year…

Posted by Noah Hawk  on  12/07   at  03:37 PM

Steve Woods wins Phatwater

Congratualations to South African Steve Woods for winning the Phatwater race Saturday, October 11. 40 miles on the Mississippi...in 3 hours 53 minutes...unofficial. Steve broke the previous record and won the cash prize of $2000 for an under 4 hour achievement.....Well done Steve! And...well done for not breaking, cracking, sinking or otherwise dinging the mako 6. See you in New York!
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Steve was/is a class act, great racer, and apparently all-around nice guy, he also very unselphishly spent a much appreciated afternoon with a paddling neophyte--thanx, Steve, and good luck in your next race!

Posted by Layne Washington  on  10/14   at  03:18 PM

Hey DeAnne, put Steve, well worn, on the plane today for New Yock, New Yock. We had a blast with the Okes from Durban: Steve, Bevan and Marcelle. We got Bev's babe, Marcelle, in Melissa's 18X for the Phatwater and she was a screamer, with…

Posted by Keith Benoist  on  10/13   at  09:44 PM

US Surfski Champs

OPS News item image Dawid and Hank racing at the turn buoy. To view the entire sequence go here http://www.oceanpaddlesports.com/site/index.php/gallery/c32/
Great weekend for Fenn and Team Oceanpaddlesports...
Top 3...Hank, Dawid and Steve...Patrick 5th, Nikki 8th and 1st place women by miles, Erik 6th, Noah 9th. Eva first in the short course.
First place doulbes, mixed doubles and relay...Go Fenn Go.
My full race report will follow with a race summery from my perspective on the beach (shoulder injury) and some outstanding John Brownlee photos.
I was bummed to say the least not to race more than 20 minutes this weekend, but thrilled to be a part of such a great event with fantastic people. Right on Billy and Tracy..we are all full kit!!!

A few faces of Molokai

As luck would have it, we deleted all of our Hawaii photos. So a big thanks to our friends for sending us a couple of good ones...a few faces we have come to know.
Dean, Hank, Dawid and Steve Woods. OPS News item imageOPS News item imageOPS News item imageOPS News item image
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Wow thats really good you got some good pics and now you can share with your friends, i had same like this one of my camera film damaged and i lost all my good photos, but now after my <a href="http://www.testking-exams.com/646-363.htm">testking 646-363</a> certification exams and…

Posted by Steve  on  07/01   at  10:42 PM

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