Time to start thinking about some new races. We want to take a trailer of skis from San Fran and the Champs, August 22-23 to Chicago…August 29 and then down to Texas for the Colorado 100, Sept 5.Who is keen and would want a spot? Who would come from overseas and rent a ski for 1 or 2 or all 3??? This is just a bulletin to see what the interest is…let us know so we can make it happen and lets go race! We decided on some pricing. This is to cover gas money and time to pull the trailer.

$100 USA Champs only. US Champs and Chicago $300..Chicago only $250. The Colorado 100 is not that well known..so we are not sure if we will get the response. check out the web site www.coloradoriver100.com 100 miles downriver..yeha!