32 ounce Nalgene bottle


32 ounce Nalgene bottle 00023

About Nalgene Rectangular 32 oz. Bottle BPA Free

Rectangular wide mouth, rigid high-density polyethylene. Made in USA.
  • Squeeze more of these space-saving bottles into your backpack or cooler
  • Carry more solids, powders or liquids on your next trip
  • Innovative rectangular and square shapes...store or stack them in places where other bottles won't fit
  • Great for mixing pancake batter or baby formula, reconstituting juice concentrates and powdered mixes, scrambling eggs, etc.
  • Convenient wide mouth allows easy filling and pouring of contents
  • Heavy-duty, won't puncture or split under rough conditions
  • Size: 2 1/16 in. x 4 7/8 in. x 7 1/28 in.

Perfect fit, especially for the bulkhead in front of your FENN footwells for your personal drinking system.

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