Lay Up

Fiberglass Vacuum – $2500

Hybrid Vacuum – $3200

Carbon Vacuum – $3900

The NEW Swordfish S intermediate ski from Fenn.
The primary differences to the previous model include:

The seat is a new shape, a more fitted and comfortable design
The hump has been reduced allowing for greater leg drive
The footwell is lower and the foot plate is further angled towards the paddler
New leg leash attachment point near the base of the footwell
Rudder has been moved forward on the ski
Still has the following….
Recessed water bottle holder with bungees and left side handle for surf starts.
Nice functional recessed catch area (actually where you catch, not too far forward just for looks).
All carbon foot plate and pedals with adjustable foot strap.
20′ long
18″ wide

24 lbs in Carbon vacum
26 lbs in Carbon Hybrid
31 in Fiberglass vacuum