Lay Up

Carbon Pro  – $1875 includes a cover

Semi-Construction – $1525 includes a cover

The Wetiz board named “Tracksta” is a very fast and good board for all the stronger and professional paddlers out there. A brand new and award winning board: Hayden Hemmens US National Ironman Champion 2019/ Ryan Peroz and Hayden Hemmens US National Champions Paddleboard Rescue Race 2019. Andy (our shaper) analyzed the development of the board market for many years and created a brand new shape which is a further development of the Wetiz Killa-Board-Series.

What’s Semi-Construction? Semi-Construction boards are pre-shaped by machine.

Our Carbon Pro Boards are made in full carbon to be the strongest and most durable board on the water.

Weight 85-95 Kg (185-210lbs)