Lay Up

Hybrid Vacuum – $3300

Carbon Vacuum – $4000

Carbon Honeycomb –$4600

The Elite S is the latest from the Fenn stable. The ‘S’ has all the traits of the Elite but with some changes. The new Fennix Elite S is very similar to the S, a slightly different nose gives the ski a more maneuverable feeling and no drag on the top of the wave.

The seat is further forward making the ski sit flatter in the water. The rudder is further forward making the ski even more maneuverable than the older Elite. The hump between the seat and footwell has been reduced and the footwell is lower. There is some volume taken out of the nose

In essence the Fennix Elite S has all the re-known surfing characteristics of the Elite while bringing in the flat-water qualities that the Glide offer and lower volume Spark offer.

This is a ski for good paddlers but has more stability than some of its rivals in the same class.

21′ x 17″
24 Lbs in Carbon vacuum
26 Lbs in Hybrid vacuum

19 Lbs in the carbon honeycomb and you need to special order this one!