Beginner to Intermediate Ski

The all-new FENNix XT S

Fenn has done it again with this surf ski. What we initially thought would be an entry level ski has surprised us with its speed and versatility.
The original Fenn XT brought out over a decade ago is where many of today’s ocean paddlers started. This gave people the ability to get into ocean paddling, in what at the time, was a domain dominated by unstable surf skis.
Like those days the all-new Fennix XT S through the latest refinements to the ski has taken this ski from a craft with entry-level stability adding elite surfing and racing qualities.
We think this is the perfect skis for those seeking ultimate surf ability, solid stability and good flatwater speed.
Changes from the previous model include a slimmed down nose with less volume at the front, rudder and seat have been moved forward, the new Fenn seat with lowered hump and cutouts at the blade entry.
Fiberglass Vacuum 31 lbs –  $2600
Hybrid 27 lbs – $3300
Carbon vacuum  24lbs – $4000
Currently sold out till 2022