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SWIFT – built by Carbonology sports in South Africa
Offered in North America by Ocean Paddlesports.
The Swift OC1 is suitable for paddlers of all weights, while not compromising performance in varying ocean conditions including rough water and to satisfy the correct balance between speed maneuverability.
Built with the same high standards of quality and durability for surfski paddlers in South Africa to last years.
The Swift has features that make adjustability easy:
The foam seat adjusts using an anodized black track. And the rear iakos(Aku) has a 5-height spring loaded adjustment allowing for lateral inclination to suit the weight and ability of the paddler.
Boat Dimensions:
Length 6.37m. (21 feet)
Width 39cm  (15.4”)
Depth 30cm (11.8”)
Ama length 2.7m ( 8’9”)
Ama width 16cm (6.3”)
Aku 30mm black anodized
Construction, weight ( canoe only ), price (US$)
Glass epoxy vacuum bagged 14kg (31lbs) $2800 ( great for clubs )
Carbon Hybrid 12.5kg (28lbs) $3500
$1000 deposit recommended or upcoming orders.