Wrist paddle leash by Mocke

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The wrist paddle leash is much better than a regular paddle leash that flops in your lap. Wrist to paddle keeps your paddle close when you fall off and have a calf strap to your ski! Allows two hands for easier remount.


  • Easy slip on wrist attachment
  • Velcro adjustment for a secure fit
  • Neoprene padded surface for comfort
  • Lightweight & short paddle shaft coil


  • Attach the leash to the shaft using the smaller velcro fold-over loop.
  • The fold-over loop can be inside or outside of your hand grip. Most paddlers prefer it attaching to the outside.
  • For right-hand feathered paddles attach the wrist paddle leash to the left hand side.
  • For left-hand feathered paddles attach the wrist paddle leash to the right hand side.
  • Slip your hand through the padded wrist strap, grab the shaft and use the other hand to tighten and fit. Not too tight, not too loose; just right.
  • Practice carrying and maneuvering your ski on land while leashed to your paddle.


  • Always inspect your Wrist Leash before paddling.
  • After regular contact with salt water wash in soapy water, rinse with fresh water and hang up to dry out of direct sunlight.

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