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Molokai skis have left

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19 Singles and 4 doubles on the way to Oahu.
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Getting ready for Molokai back East here. Rare winds yesterday at 30-40kts gave some good chop to practice in. Unfortunately also produced some tornados. See you all in Oahu

Posted by Tim Burke  on  04/17   at  10:24 AM

Skis for sale after Molokai, May 15

Packing the trailer has begun and looks like we will have brand new Fenn Elites for sale after the race...new now, used and discounted after one event..great deal!

Also sold after the race, a green..red 7, carbonolgy fiberglass vacum atom, perhaps the vajda, but dang we just got it and want it longer....Also.....ELITE doubles...this is the hottest double in the market..try one and see why.

Fenn XT single and double footwells also being used in Hawaii...check out why champions race this ski..it's fast if you are....

For pricing and a suggested deposit, please email...Hawaii customers get first option as the skis are there and space coming back on the trailer is booked solid....

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